Blessed and Made Holy

In the past few years God has really convicted me about the importance of Sabbath. [Note: The past few years I have been an over-involved, over achieving , college student…not exactly the time in life where you take days “off.”] But nonetheless, He has brought it up over and over.
Growing up, our family “Sabbathed” well. And this weekend, while I was enjoying a surprise visit home for Adam’s birthday, I was reminded of the gift that Sabbath is. God gave us the Sabbath as a gift. And every gift God gives is perfect. He wants us to rest.
“And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy.” (Genesis 2:3.) Before God pronounced any created object or place holy, he pronounced a time holy. The seventh day; the Sabbath. And He asked us to keep it that way--to keep it holy. As I began graduate school, I made the decision, to receive the gift of Sabbath that God gave me . This seems comical seeing as how school could consume every hour of every day if I let it. But the amazing thing is, when I view Sabbath correctly, I don’t feel lazy or guilty about not working for a day. Rather, I feel freedom in experiencing a gift that God intended me to enjoy; commands me to enjoy. And it makes me strive to be productive and work diligently the other six days, just as God also intended us to do.
Here are some snap shots of what Sabbath has and does mean to me. What does it mean to you? What are some of your snap shots of Sabbath.
  • Church—
FIRST, Harbor Covenant Church—Growing up there, Sunday school, kids choir, friends. Greeting and being greeted by old friends every time I’m home. The Hagen children coming all the way across the sanctuary to give me hugs every time I’m there, brightening my day.
THEN, Portico church—the people, the kids, the band, the teaching, the family. MY church.
NOW, the Summit church in Durham with my brother followed by our weekly sister-brother Sunday brunch. A new favorite tradition.
  • Napping
  • Playing tennis
  • Pleasure Reading
  • The one day a week the Jordan family was allowed to buy potato chips. Tim’s Cascades with Sunday lunch.
  • Theology over dinner
  • Going to the movies
  • Small group
  • AIA meetings at UVA
  • Lunch with Ash, Steph, the Porters…after Portico. Usually Bodos.
  • Sunday night ACC basketball
  • Skype dates from school with family and friends
  • This past Sunday, Home in Gig Harbor:
8:30—Church at HCC
11:00—Brunch at the Tides Tavern with Mamma and Dad.
1:00-4:00—Lazy afternoon of football watching with my parents, fire going in the fireplace, all cuddled up in our own spots of the family room. Dozing on and off. Dad, you’re snoring. I think I’m drooling on Adam’s shoulder while I’m sleeping…
5:00—Adam and I, sitting on the floor of the travel aisle at Borders. Practicing my Italian and planning when we will go together, and what we will eat when we do.
7:00—Grilling burgers with baked beans, sweet potatoes and Tim’s Cascade’s for old times (yes we had two forms of potatoes. It’s the sabbath. We can eat what we want to)
9:00—Ending the night with the Prossers stopping by for dessert and wine.
  • No epidemiology. No STATA. No work. No stress. No worries.
Thank you God for a day of rest. Grant me the discipline to receive it and enjoy it.


  1. What a great idea, that we have to be disciplined to receive that blessing. I love this blog post. I also remember growing up that mom and dad would not help us with homework left till sunday after church, because that was rest and eat Tim's time. Did you see that I wrote my blog about you yesterday? LOVE you

  2. I see that something I taught you stuck. Actually, many things did. I am glad you understand this one. It is a blessing.


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