Happys and Sads

I started this blog when I arrived at graduate school. And I've yet to share anything about life as a Duke grad student.
Name:Elise Leighann Jordan
Year: 1
Weeks Completed: 3
Program: Masters of Science in Global Health
Focus: Water and Sanitation, probably in Nepal

Here are the HAPPYS and SADS of grad school life thus far:

-Making New Friends.
-Getting to Know Durham.
-The Raleigh Farmer's Market (see photos).

-Being in a state where there is family within a 2 hour radius no matter what direction I drive ("Well, isn't this a geographical oddity? 2 hours from everywhere!" Anyone?)


-Whole Foods being the closest grocery store to my apartment.
-Being at school with brotherkind.
-Taking to sisterkind on the way to the bus each morning (Because she lives in Ammmeeerica!!)
-Getting to hear JD Greer preach on Sundays.
-Eating lots of beans and yogurt because I'm broke and livin off of loans.
-My little old lady neighbor, Luna Brown, and her love of Bojangles. Mmmm mmm.
-My roommate’s alarm clock: For the first week we were here I was so excited in the morning because I thought that Durham had a redeeming characteristic: really beautiful song birds that woke me up every morning. Then I discovered it was Jeannie’s alarm clock. Minus one point for Durham, but Bonus point for Roommate.

-Um, DUKE BASKETBALL!!!!! (Back to back like the 90s?? Please!!)

-Free Printing.
-Free Coffee.
-The Duke Gardens.
-Getting to study what I'm passionate about day in and day out with people who are waaaaaay way smarter than me.

-Using STATA. It is a weekly defeat.
-Never ending amounts of work.
-Missing Charlottesville.
-Eating lots of beans and yogurt because I'm broke and livin off of loans.
-Parking at Duke.
-The lack of cell service in my apartment.
-The dog downstairs that whines 24-7.
-Never ending amounts of work.

-Durham is not Charlottesville.

Clearly the highs way out weigh the lows. I feel so blessed to be here studying with the best of them! God is good. So good.


  1. I want to go to there.

    Especially the market.

    Also, I have a cat constantly WAAAAAAAW WAAAAAAAAAAAW-ing below my new apartment!! Yay for animals below our apartments.

    Free coffee? Tell me more.


  2. I am glad that there are more happys than sads. I am so proud of you. God is good!

  3. 1. you did not include Boots
    2. i'm a dapper dan man
    3. sisterkind loves talking to you every morning!


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