Ode To Il Bacio

Ok, so this post is unashamedly completely devoted to my last year roommates. So if they are the only ones who read it, I won't be offended. But I have a feeling it will be amusing to more than just the girls I know as Coco, C-Dubs, and Nif. The four of us lived together last year at UVa in an apartment we like to call, “Il Bacio.” It means Kiss in Italian…Haha, but more importantly, it’s the name of the best candy in the world. (Where do you think Hershey got the idea of “kisses”?)

We were all 4 Kappa Deltas.
We were all 4 bestest friends.
And we were all 4 CRAZY. Especially when were were all 4 together.

To document this, we kept quote boards on a wall in our kitchen; one for each of us and one for friends or “Amici.” I was looking at them today (yes I kept them) and felt the need to share some of my favorites. Note: they are all out of context and all out of CONTROL. I am excluding some of the best ones to protect the innocent. Hope they make you smile. And to you 3…I hope they bring back sweet memories.

“I love dashes-I love semi-colons…I LOVE ellipses!!” 
“You left your mojito here a month-and-a-freaking-half ago. It died.” 
“We are fighting to be Satan’s child.” 
"Cream cheese on the COUCH and I would eat it."
“ I AM always a sucker for a lace overlay.”

“This is the best way…cause it’s the way I do it”
“I kill a lot of quail…”
“Good for you. You won, but you’re the devil.”
“Watch the track people. Their butts are machines.”
And a personal favorite, “In other facebook stalking…”

“If I could change one thing about my body, it would definitely be my bladder.”
“Rainy days aren’t sunny days, that’s for sure.”
Elise: “Did she ever go abroad?” Coco: “Yep, Hawaii.”
“Can we process some walnuts later?!”
“I love him…in a very creepy way.”

Lee Lee (That's me):
“I have a wedgie and WET nails!!”
“Are these from Anthropologie, or Africa?”
“Elves don’t eat toast!”
“I’m going to give away a secret: I was wrong so I covered it up.”
“I’m a flake connoisseur.”

Amici (Friends/Visitors):
“How do you know her?”, “Oh, just from meeting her.” 
“I hope I marry a man whose last name is Mush.”
“It was just like a big teddy bear…except it was bleeding from the side. And had big fangs.” 
“I didn’t curse until I went paintballing.” 
“There’s a SNAKE in the kitchen and it has four legs!” 
“I just want to lie down on a sled and have someone push me home.”

I love you three. There was never a dull day in our home. See you at homecoming!


  1. Cute!! I love crazy times with roommates. We had some killer quotes too, such as, "Milk me." and "I'm going to make a sex tape for Julie..."

    Love ya

  2. Haha, I know. You're quote boards were hilarious. They were definitely what inspired me to start ours. I LOVED visiting and reading them.

  3. These are fun to read totally out of context too!

  4. omg how did i miss this last week?! those quotes are always fantastic and never fail to make me laugh.

    i mostly appreciate the inappropriate ones...but am quite glad they're not up here! <3


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