20 and 60 Years Young

This blog is for the men in my life. Ok, two of the men in my life. Namely, Glenn and Paul. My dad and my brother. This weekend we are going to the mountains in VA as a family to celebrate the 20th and 60th birthdays of my brother and father. A lot of women do not have the blessing of growing up with one excellent man in their lives. Much less two.

I am blessed.

Both of these men (Yes, PJ you count as a man now) have taught me so much about what I have always looked for in a man.

They love their family
They take care of and make sacrifices for the women in their lives.
They are opinionated, strong-willed, and always right. (Right?)
They are brilliant.
They love Duke basketball.
They know God.
They love God.

My dad has intimidated and scared most everyone that knows him at some point. But he has also made them laugh, cry, furry their brow in confusion, and learn something new. He leaves people smarter, more precise, and more passionate than he found them. He has also memorized the C section of the dictionary. There is no one in this world I trust more than this man. He has been an amazing husband to my mother for 35 years. He has been a teacher, provider, friend, disciplinary, and comforter to his whole family. He thinks I'm beautiful and tells me all the time. He is proud of me. He is why I love the picture of God being my Heavenly Father. And He has taught me more about my Heavenly Father than anyone else on earth.

Paul is so funny. But he so serious too. He is serious about things he wants and things he believes. He is smart, handsome, athletic, and tall. He protects me and takes care of me as if I were his baby sister. He challenges me to think more critically and work with more determination and ferocity. He thinks I am the best cook in the world and brags about it to everyone he knows. He gives me great gifts, I don't think most little brothers do that. He has been one of my best friends since we were little (Buddy Ol' Pals as we used to call it.) Our favorite activities have evolved as we've grown up but have always remained creative:

Playing "school" on the floor of the pantry for hours(where it was never nap time and always snack time)
Playing backyard baseball for hours on the computer
Playing tennis against the garage doors
Letting me dress him up in my dance costumes…
Passing notes under each other’s doors when we were "grounded"


Staying up late at night to finish Harry Potter books together and then talk about them
Cooking “together” (i.e. me cooking for him)
Playing tennis on real courts
Making “Windows-down” playlists for the summertime
Going Kayaking, Backpacking, Skiing, Boating, everything together
Compete in four year-long poke wars (As of the moment I am publishing this blog, I am winning. Boo-yah)

Him visiting me at UVa...followed by me following him to Duke.
Studying together in the Duke library, a lot
Going to church together every Sunday where people think we are dating. Then out to lunch.

So here's to these two amazing men. And here's to some family time celebrating them.

Getting ready to summit Mt. Rainier together.

Sunset, sleeping on the side of the mountain. So, so Glorious.

I'm his Harley babe...one of our favorite things to do together. Did I forget to mention my dad is really cool? Well, he is. He is Harley Davidson cool. And that's pretty cool.

YES! Someone to play sports with. Paul, you be the football, I'll go long...

I love him. He is terrified.

This was for a school choir concert. He was Moses. I was...from the Caribbean?

Halloween party at UVa. Blades of Glory. Anyone?

Mt. Si

Graduation weekend at UVa. Getting ready to be Dukies together.
Love you Guys so much.

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  1. such a sweet post!! hope you guys had a wonderful time in the mountains!!


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