Feels Like Home

In the past five years I have lived in eight different dwellings:

1.) Home home (Gig Harbor, Washington)
View of the Sunset from my bedroom window.

View of Mt. Rainier from our porch.

I love our house when it's snowy.

2. First year Dorms at UVa, Fitzhugh 330s!
Snazzy, huh?

3. Cameron 131 House AKA “The Burrow”
Loved this place.

4. Ahhh, Via dei Priori Apartment, Perugia Italy
View #1 from my bedroom window.

View #2 from my bedroom window.

View from our living room window.

5. Kappa Delta, Chancellor 136!

6. YWAM base, small room # ? Kigali, Rwanda

7. The Pointe Apts, “Il Bacio”
Please refer to "Ode to Il Bacio" for more wonderfulness from this place.

8. And now, my humble little Durham apartment.
I heart my green door. I also heart my birdie door mat.

Background One: I am a homebody. (Emphasis on the home)

Background Two: I hate moving (In part because it makes me realize how much stuff I have…)
Background Three: Change is often hard.

However, there always comes a point at which I’m doing some mundane, everyday task and I think to myself, this feels like home to me today. I think I had this moment today. I have only been living in this apartment about 2.5 months, but it’s finally feeling like home.

It is small. And quirky. And it's cold most of the time (Or am I just cold most of the time?) But I’ve come to love it.

I love that it is so small that I can vaccum the whole apt without uplugging my vaccum.
I love that my laundry room doubles as my kitchen…or does the kitchen double as my laundry room? Either way, I love when my kitchen smells like clean laundry…mmm. Or, when my laundry room smells like yummy-ness of food.
I love my comfy couch that I inherited from KD.
I love how our floors are uneven so we have to stick a dishrag underneath one leg of the kitchen table.
I love the little “porch” that we sit on, on pretty afternoons.
I love that it’s a seven-minute walk to the bus, and only a three-minute walk to the blue drop box to send letters.
I love that even though its my 8th home in five years, right now it is the place I get to come to, to relax, sleep, and get ready for another day of graduate life. It’s a roof over my head, and is therefore yet another sign of God’s provision in my life.

I’ve had 8 homes in five years.
Some people have no home.
Thank you God that wherever I go, you provide.


  1. Great post again sister. Yes, you are always cold. Go do a yoga pose, maybe that will help. I LOVE that you included the kinda bed in the kinda room in Rwanda with ME! I love you sister and I can't wait to see you in less than a month!!!

  2. I enjoyed reviewing all the different homes and it made me think of all the Bed Bath and Beyond in most of those places. I am glad that you feel at home once again. I do understand why all your mail still comes to Gig Harbor though.


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