A Little Ironic

I Love to write but I have a deeply ingrained, life-long fear of letting anyone read anything I’ve written. The only person I ever let proof anything is my dad. I even get really worked up when someone tries to look over my shoulder while I'm typing. Without fail I minimize the screen when someone is approaching. Plus, I always have this fear of leaving a paper in the printer at a library or some other public place of free printing, then having someone pick it up, read it (as if anyone does that), and identify me as the person a who wrote it. Next week we have to submit a draft to a Peer to edit! The horror.
I let exactly 4 people outside my family read the spiritual autobiography I wrote. That was a HUGE deal for me.

Yet, now I write a blog. Several times a week I dump onto it anything and everything that goes through my mind, slightly edited of course.


I let people read it.

But, I still can't bear to let anyone read anything I write outside of it.
The Irony.

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  1. I've wanted to read your spiritual autobiography.

    I'm glad you're sharing your thoughts! Thanks for letting people read your writing!

    Love ya.


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