Christian Atlases

I haven't had a lot to say lately.

And I really haven't had the time to say it.

But I read this (well to be more accurate I re-re-re-read this) the other day and it took me a moment to really have it sink in...again.

It comes from a book called the Relentless Tenderness of Jesus by Brennan Manning.
It starts out with one of my favorite chapters in the Bible; I John 4. This whole chapter is about God's love. He quoted verse 18 where it says "In love there can be no fear, but fear is driven out by perfect love: because to fear is to expect punishment, and anyone who is afraid is still imperfect in love."

Then he continues, "God's love is based on nothing (about us), and the fact that it is based on nothing makes us secure...People who realize this, can live freely and to the full. Remember Atlas, who carries the whole world? We have Christian Atlases who mistakingly carry the burden of trying to deserve God's love. Even the mere watching of this lifestyle is depressing. Id' like to say to Atlas: 'Put that globe down and dance on it. That's why God made it.' And to these weary Christian Atlases: 'Lay down your load and build your life on God's love.'"

Even the love of others is dependent to some extent on who I am. But God's love is so different. It's not dependent at all on who I am, rather only on who HE is.

Let this be an encouragement to you this week to put down your globe and dance on it. Don't try to earn His love--give up already and simply revel in it.

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