Harry and Sally

When Harry met Sally is easily one of my top-5 favorite movies of all time. It is a romantic comedy about a man (played by the hilarious Billy Crystal) and a woman (played by the adorable Meg Ryan) whose story illustrates why men and women can never be "just friends."
Adam and I watched it last night. And, besides getting a kick out of some of the similarities between our relationship and theirs..., we got SUCH a kick out of the love-story vignettes.

I have seen it about 100 times in my life, and these never get old. If you haven't seen it:

1. See it

2.They insert these little vignettes throughout the movie and they are easily the best part.

My favorite is the last one.
Watch them (It's less than 5 min). Laugh. Ok, now which one is your favorite?


  1. yes! my favorite is the 'willage' one, SO cute. I think you and adam should film yourself doing one!

  2. Haha, this thought has crossed my mind. Trust me. I think we will.


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