Recently I posted a series of vignettes from one of my favorite movies, When Harry Met Sally. For those of you who didn't see this post here is the link.

For those of you who did read it, here is a refresher:



And like I mentioned before, Adam and I laughed at how many similarities there are between Harry and Sally's story and ours....Basically, it's impossible for a guy and a girl to be "friends." (Believe us, we tried for five years...)

So, we decided to make our own vignette. And TRUST ME. You need to watch it.

If you haven't seen the Harry&Sally vignettes, watch them here first.

And then, watch this...

More stories to come...


  1. I am already missing my sister and new brother in law! It was such a pleasure to be there for this 'Thrill on the Hill"

  2. BIG congratulations to you both (not like it came all that outa the blue... but still). Happy for you, Elise!

    And when I went to the Harry-Sally video clips of the older couples, per your link, I have to say that a comment from a viewer under the video completely amused me: "The day I found out that these couples were never couples, just actors, was equivalent to the day I found out that Santa wasn't real."

    oops. did I just let the Santa thing out of the bag?
    Congrats! Rebecca.

  3. SO excited for you two! Loved the vignette, what a great way to do it.


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