Comments on Being Free

Today I finished my first semester of grad school at Duke.

A few comments:

-Praise Jesus for getting me through it and keeping me sane

-Praise Jesus for giving me great friends, a great roommate, and a great Bible Study here.

-Praise Jesus that I'm getting out of Durham and going HOME!!

-It felt appropriate to end finals with my epidemiology/biostatistics exam. That would be the class that followed me to the very end...

-I am eating trader joe's lentil soup and tater tots for dinner to celebrate. Hooray.

-I got to do my first bit o' christmas shopping today now that I am a free woman. And, might I add that I got some screaming deals at Anthropologie? Not for me. Gifts. Ok one for me.

-Tomorrow we are going up to Virginia to have Christmas with Laura and Robert and my cousin Cae and her boyfriend Ryan. We will also wedding plan. A lot. (We are even visiting venues in Charlottesville on Saturday!)

-I am going to my first wedding dress appointment tomorrow at 4. So surreal. But I love playing dress up so I'm guessing this will be fun. But again, suuurrrreal.
(On second thought...maybe I shouldn't be stuffing my face with fried bits of delicious yet empty carbs the night before I go wedding dress shopping. Whatever.)

-I think I might take some time to write some birthday thank you notes that are now extremely late. Don't worry everyone, I'm not just going to wait till Christmas and write you one combined note. I've just been wrapped up in this thing called school. Lame excuse. Excuse my excuse.

-God is so faithful. He keeps showing me over and over again why I should trust him. He provides. He extends so much generosity to me through the people in my life. Each phase of life I'm in challenges my faith in new ways, but God remains so constant.
"The LORD is the one who is going ahead of you. He will be with you. He won't abandon or leave you." (Deut. 31:8)


  1. I want some Trader's soup and tater tots! Can't wait to see you tomorrow, drive safely!

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  3. I ate sausage and egg casserole and stuffed my face within an hour of my first wedding dress appointment. Somehow forgot I shouldn't gorge myself before I had 5 people giving me their opinions on how I looked...

    Congrats on being done-zo!!! Woohoo you are so smart, my friend. Looking forward to seeing you.


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