How Sweet They Are

At church on Sunday in Charlottesville Adam and I got to hang with two of my favorite friends: Jenn Boggs and her 7-year old daughter, Angela. I hadn’t seen either since August and was so ready to spend some time with them. Angela sat next to me in church and she drew me some pictures (totally unprompted):

And don't you love Adam's shorts and t-shirt at the alter? Not to mention those bangs...

It's raining on the honeymoon but at least we are picnicking. And have a nice tent. This picnic is in Tuscany right Angela?

Jenn and I kept looking over at each other trying not to crack up in the middle of our pastor’s sermon.
After church we went over to the lovely and brilliantly decorated Boggs residence for lunch and play time with their four children! Rece and Angela sent Adam and I away at the end of our visit with these lovely Christmas gifts (we were supposed to wait till Christmas to open them but we couldn't...):

The gift tag on Adam's bag. :)

Rece, how did you know that candy canes are his favorite??
My present from Angela.
The "hint" said: "Makes stuff with stuff".

I'm glad we are friends too, Ang.

Kids are the sweetest. I’m so lucky to have close relationships with a handful of children. I totally get why Jesus wanted them to be near Him and why He used them as an example of faith. (Matthew 19:14) Last weekend at the Porters and this weekend with the Boggs, left me with a desire to love and trust the way children do. They seem to have this reckless confidence in life. Seeing the way Jack Porter (3) can attach himself to Adam, a new friend, with no hesitation or shame (even if it means going and changing clothes to be matching Adam) or a card like this from Angela Boggs:

makes me realize how well kids show love. And they don’t even really try.

I guess this is yet another thing to reflect on this Christmas season. Do we love, trust, and hope recklessly the way that children do? Because Jesus says that they are the ones who will inherit the Kingdom of God.
"And He said: 'Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.'"
Matthew 18:3


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