La Mia Coco

Today I simply want to use this blog to wish one of the most amazing people in my life a Happy Birthday.

Meet Corrine (AKA "Coco"):

(Note: I gave her this nickname because it is the Italian term of endearment equivalent to "Darling" or "Dear". And, it kinda sounds like her name.)

She is one of my best friends in world. And she amazes me daily.

Not only is she an amazing student, an amazing member of the airforce, and an AMAZING friend, but she is an amazing woman of faith. Just like every other area of her life, she is committed and dedicated to learning more about God all the time. And she gets so excited when she discovers new things about Him and sees Him at work in her life. I just love hearing the joy that over flows from this girl's heart when she encounters God is some new, fantastic way.

Today I'm spending the day and night in Seattle with my family and Adam. This is one of our favorite Christmastime traditions. But I'm thinking about Corrine because last time I spent a day up there was with her (and another dear friend Jen) when they came all the way out here to visit me this summer.

This was one of countless memories I have with this girl. Some of my favorites are our annual trips to the Outer Banks, living together, having her come crawl into my bed in the mornings where we'd listen to Jon Foreman together to wake up, AM yoga, Speaking Italian together, Loving italy together, cooking, eating, drinking, laughing together, studying God's word together.

Coco: Buon Compleanno la mia bella amica. Mi manca. Ti Voglio Bene Per Sempre. Baci e abbracci.


  1. corrine you are the queen of gorgeous grins! happy birthday love!!

  2. I love you Elise Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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