My New Sister

Meet Emily:

Isn't she just the cutest??

Emily has been one of my best friends since high school. We met in Algebra 2. What more do I need to say? We were bound to be best friends.

But, little did we know that we were also bound to be sisters...

You see, Emily has this brother. His name's Adam. And he asked me to marry him last week. Score.

But long before my romance with Adam started, Em and I had a little romance (maybe that's the wrong word?) of our own. So many of my dearest memories in high school included Em. Further, many of my best memories since high school have included Em. She came across the country with my family and me when I moved to college at UVa and came back for week during my third year. I've spent many a weekends visiting her in Bellingham, WA where she went to school and still lives. We've spent birthdays together, new years eves together, etc. Played together. Laughed (a lot)together. Cooked/Baked/Eaten together. Travelled together (Best trip to Las Vegas EVER).

Em was holding my hand when I got my tattoo on my 18th birthday. (Actually, it would probably be more accurate to say that I was squeezing all the life out of her hand while I was getting my tattoo. True friend people.

Em embodies what a friend should be. I've always told her that she has the gift of friendship that few others I've ever met posses. She has been an amazing voice of wisdom, listening ear, encouragement, and comfort to me. Basically, I just love her.

In all the plans I had for my life and my future, never could I ever have imagined such a blessing as getting to have one of my best friends become my SISTER. It doesn't even seem fair. Em is just another reminder of the way that God's plans and provision always exceed my expectations. Not only has he blessed me with an amazing man to marry, but he has given me a best friend who will be my new sister.

Em is getting married in June to another wonderful man, Bobby. I love getting to talk wedding plans together. And I will be so thrilled to stand next to her when she gets married, and to have her standing next to me when I marry her only brother.

Em, I'm so blessed to have you in my life. And now, in my family.

Here are some of my favorite photos from high school through today:

May 2005

Summer 2006

We couldn't figure out how to body surf so we decided to do it on land instead...

Spring 2009

Fall 2010


  1. So wonderful! This makes me so happy...I love you girls. Sing one for me at the Christmas party! xo Paige

  2. Ah yes Elemily! How we all love her! At least she is a big mouth in the sand. And something about chin...

  3. Does that mean that Emily will somehow be my daughter since she will be your sister and Adam will be my son in law?

  4. Awww you are too sweet! I am so stoked to be sisters too! You are such a valuable friend and your sentiments are reciprocated very much.

    I love so much about our friendship and I'm excited to be family! We've shared some great moments together...much more to come :)

  5. p.s. I laughed out loud when you wrote "Em and I had a little romance (maybe that's the wrong word?) of our own." We have had a lot of pillow talk.


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