On the Eve

Tonight is the Eve of my favorite thing our family does each year: Our Annual Christmas Party. We just decorated the tree, made the first round of cookies, set the butter out to soften for baking, Dad was in bed by 7 because he just worked a 24 hour shift. But we are all waiting in anticipation for tomorrow night.

There are so many beautiful aspects of this party:
(Uncle Tom singing O Holy Night, making me, and everyone want to cry)
Cute Kids in Christmas Dresses

It would hardly be Christmas time without it. Every year this time I go to sleep thinking of all the things we'll have to do the next day to prepare for it--making mad numbers of ham rolls, cookies, dips, appetizers, punch, mulled cider, M&Ms...cleaning the house top to bottom. And as much fun as I know 100+ people have at this thing, I can guarantee everyone that the Joy WE get as a family from throwing it exceeds that of anyone who attends. If there is one thing the Jordan's love to do it is to Host. It's our way of showing our extreme gratefulness for what we've been given.

Needless to say, this year's party will have a major miss: Sisterkind, Laura, won't be here. Which also means no duet from Laura and Bekah--"Breath of Heaven". Last year she got proposed to at this party. This year she is married and she and her husband Robert are spending their first Christmas in Richmond.

Laura we wish you were here. We miss you so much.

Everyone else...I'm excited to see you and to celebrate this season and Christ's birth with you!

Here is a glimpse into a few parties from the past:

All the cute kids up on the balcony...we didn't make them stay there

Everyone singing

Uncle Tom singing O Holy Night

And of course, the famous proposal of 2009

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I will miss the party as well. I am NOT crying


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