Thrill on a Hill

Here it is. The story:

I have talked a lot about mountains since I started this blog. Hence the name. You can refer to my inaugural post for more details…However, this mountain-top story tops them all. Trust me.

We were up in the NC mountains for the day with my Uncle, Aunt, cousins, friends, etc… This is a Sat-After-Thanksgiving tradition. It begins with a huge brunch at my uncle and aunt’s home in Hickory and is followed by a caravan up to the mountains to cut Christmas trees. It concludes with a stop in Blowing Rock for Ice cream, a big chili feed back in Hickory, and night full of sitting around the living room caroling. (Which, with the number of hams in that group, gets pretty ridiculous.)

So rewind back to the mountains. Adam and I weren’t cutting a tree so after piddling around with everyone for awhile he suggested that we take a hike up to the top of the mountain where the tree farm was located and see the pretty views. Of course I have never turned down an opportunity to take a hike in my whole life, so off we went.

Note: Little did I know that my sister, Mrs. Agaba, was being sneaky-face and following us up the mountain ducking in and out of the trees to try to hide. (She was wearing a black-and-white checkered coat and BRIGHT pink scarf. So, she basically blended right in…)

Once we reached the top we stopped and looked out at the mountains. Ah, my happy place. It was a perfect day too. So sunny.

Adam started to tell me how much it meant to him to be experiencing all of my family’s special traditions with me. How much he loved getting to see a part of my life that holds so much significance to me, and that the only thing that could make it more perfect would be making them our traditions and always doing them together.

That’s about when he dropped to his knees. From this point on…I don’t think I could tell you what else he said if I tried. But I know him, so I know it was sweet. I was basically in disbelief. I think I even said “Are you for reals right now?” (Nice Elise). He pulled out a ring from his pocket and asked if I was keen. (Not quite in those words.)

I was.

And then we were engaged. And now we’re getting MARRIED. :)

After giving us about thirty seconds to have a moment, Laura popped out of the trees where she was hiding taking pictures. (See Below).

Note: He had my Uncle Dan (different side of the family from those we were with) who is a jeweler make the ring. So special. Lots of family love in this thing.

We hiked back down to a congratulatory group of friends and family. Tears, hugs, laughs, pictures, hugs, ice cream, hugs, tears, etc…

So there it is. The story. Well, really just the beginning of the story. A long, long story. To be continued…forever. :)

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  1. YAY! I just can't wait to get the ball really rolling with wedding planning! I love you and Addo so much!


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