Tips on Some Tunes

If anyone is bored of all the normal Christmas music and needs a little inspiration in these last few days, I have the PERFECT thing for you. This album has been my favorite this year. Dave Barnes is one of my favorite artists (and his Christmas concert was our first engaged date...but that's not why I love it so much). His Christmas album is a great mix of traditional and original songs. I've been listening to it this morning as I get ready for the Christmas Party Tonight!! Check it out. You won't be disappointed.

My favorite songs on the album include: Family Tree, Christmas Tonight, Meet Me at the Mistletoe :), I Pray on Christmas, O Come O Come Emmanuel, and Every other song that's on there.

(Doesn't he just look like the kinda guy you want to celebrate Jesus coming with??)

Also a few of my favorites over the years to check out too:

-James Taylor (Nothing beats his voice)
-The ELF Soundtrack
-Sufjan Stevens
-Mannheim Steamroller (Duh)
-Hullabahoos--Better Than Coal (This is the best UVa A cappella group and the album is amazing!)

Hope these add to your last few days leading up to Christmas!

Ok, now back to baking for our party!! (Already made about 150 ham rolls this morning. Mmm.)

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