Worth Waiting For

This time yesterday morning I was feeling very bitter and confused about why Durham county finds it necessary to make a poor grad student living off student loans pay $200 in property tax for her humble little Mazda 3. Where on earth do they expect me to come up with that kind of money? Not to mention it was cold, gray, and for lack of a better word just yucky out. This has been the weather since I arrived home on the 20th and I was starting to fear that I wouldn't see a beautiful northwest winter day before I leave.


This morning I'm sitting at our counter drinking coffee (thanks Dad) and looking out across the water which is glistening in the...wait for it...SUN! And the mountains are glowing and trying to shake the last layer of clouds off. And I'm not thinking about taxes. Or Bills. Or how when I go back to Durham I'm going to be back to my diet of beans, yogurt, and Larabars rather than real food like I've been so enjoying over Christmas. Right now I'm just feeling blessed that I live in such a beautiful place; a place where God's beauty dwells so fantastically. Bear with me here, but when I see the water sparkling and the mountains and clouds glowing across it--all as the sun is just starting to rise--it kinda makes me wonder how similar heaven will look.

And it makes me smile.

Because heaven will far surpass the most breathtaking moments I experience on earth. Here we see a glimpse of God's glory. But there; there His glory will dwell in full. Amazing.

Thank you God for a beautiful Pacific Northwest winter day. I think I speak for all of us PNWers when I say we are truly grateful when we get one. And boy are they worth waiting for.

This is the town where I live. And sometimes it doesn't even seem fair.

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  1. A few things...
    1. you are bloggy mc bloggerson since you have been home. I can't keep up with you!
    2. you make me miss the G I G
    3. I miss you even more sisterfinefriend


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