Before It’s No Longer

Elise Leighann Jordan. This is my name. But not forever.

However, my mother, knowing how much I love to write letters, bought me a big set of stationary with my name printed beautifully on it for Christmas. Score.

But, it occurred to me as I opened the gift that I won't actually be Elise Leighann Jordan for too much longer. So this lovely Christmas gift has now become a challenge for me: use it all before it’s no longer my name. This means I’ll have to write several letters a week. Including the two months I’m in Nepal. Which means I’ll probably have to make up for them before I leave.

I’m excited. I have always been a letter writer but since I started graduate school, I’ve been slower at getting them out. So here is the kick in the butt I needed to get me writing letters regularly once again. I once learned that Princess Diana wrote letters and thank-yous each night to all the people she spent time with that day. Now THAT is commitment to the written word. I may not write several a night. But I am going to write several a week...
Despite the fact that these are the yuckiest envelopes to lick I've ever had.

If I don’t have your address, send it to me and I’ll send you a letter! If I do, you might just get one sometime soon. :)


  1. Save some for thank you notes for shower gifts and the wedding gifts you receive before the wedding. You will run out just like Laura did. Enjoy.

  2. You can always use a sponge to "lick" them if they taste yucky...your blog always makes me smile :-).

  3. Ann Smith
    9907 Chappell Lane
    Vienna, VA 22181


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