As the season of wedding progresses...

Adam and I have been starting to brainstorm about some things that we might like to register for. Buuuuut, there is so much out there and its almost impossible to know where to start. So consider this our classified section:

Ideas. What is your ultimate couldn't-live-without-it item that you either
1.) Registered for when you got married
2.) Bought for yourself because it was so necessary
3.) Wish you'd registered for because you realize how much you need/want one now.
4.) Really want to have some day!!
Also, is there anything you registered for/have that you never use or don't really like?? (Is this a sore subject?)

What are some things that you have found you use way more than you thought? What should every couple have in their kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, home, etc??

In return, here are a few of my favorite kitchen items that I have. My kitchen is my happy place. These are some of the things that make it so happy...

THIS spoon that used to live at Kappa Delta. I loved it so much I used to hide it in the kitchen so I could always use it. Then I adopted it. Whoops.

These onion goggles. That's right. I have unusually sensitive eyes to onions. So one of my best friends, Corrine, got these for me!

These Hug Mugs are my roommates and I love them. They have no handles, instead you wrap your hands around them. Like a hug. And they keep your hands warm. :)

These adorable oven mits that my dear friend Ashley gave to me.

This hilarious picture of a dog that is on our fridge. It cracked me up. So naturally I had to cut it out and display it. He still has no name. Suggestions?

All the dove chocolate quotes that get posted on our fridge.

My pretty Rwandan basket that Sister gave to me. My produce lives in it.

The cookbook collection!! Duh.

My ginger yogi tea that "improves digestion." Takes me back to ginger tea breaks in Rwanda. Every day.

This Irish blessing that my mom sent me once in a care package. We're Irish so I love it. Now it hangs above the stove.

These precious Anthropologie measuring spoons that Brotherkind gave me for college graduation.

One of my two favorite candles (someone recently made fun of me for having "favorite candles"...but is that unusual? I don't think so. Anyway...) My sister gave me this one for Christmas. I burn it in every room. It makes my apartment smell like Anthropologie which is in a word, ideal.

And last
But certainly not


My FROGGY bag clips. These are quite likely my FAVORITE kitchen accessory. My mom got them for me at BB&B when I moved into this apartment. And everyday, when I open my drawer, or cabinet, or freezer, I see their happy little faces smiling at me.
"Life is good" they're saying.
It is good isn't it little froggies?

Ok, now that I shared these I expect some ideas/advice/wisdom from all of y'all about (other) essentials. Thanks!


  1. Hmm, I could probably list a ton! When we registered, I had never lived on my own so I had nothing and really didn't know what I needed or wanted. So we did make a few mistakes, but not big ones thankfully. A few things I'm glad I registered for: good cookware (I have the Calphalon Tri-ply stainless steel and LOVE it) I suggest getting the better stuff, and registering for the pieces individually so that people with smaller budgets can get you a piece instead of the whole expensive set! I also really do use my Kitchen-Aid mixer a lot. We didn't get formal china because we move so often, so I got nice stuff from Crate and Barrel that is bone china, and doubles as every day or can be used as nice stuff. Things I didn't register for but wish I did because I had to buy them: Le Creuset dutch oven... I seriously use it allll the time, from chili to soup to meatballs to roasts. A-maz-ing. Also good wooden butcher block cutting boards, saves your knives!

    Sorry this was scattered, but that's what I could think of!

  2. 1. I learned the hard way to register for a good air mattress. Em and Justin did this and we sleep in pure delight every time we visit them. The Aero Bed from BB and B is great.

    2. I love my pop corn maker, use it ever day

    3. I love my crock pot

    4. I love my martha storage containers that you mentioned

    5. I love everything you registered me for

    6. Go for nice plates and bowls, mom and dad still use theirs.

    7. Extra towels and sheets for guests.

    8. Lots of wine glasses ;)

  3. LOVE that the kappa delta spoon is on there hahaha

    Ok well I have never had a registry before, but I just wanted to put it out there that I LOVE my immersion blender I got for christmas. Smoothies, milkshakes, apple sauce, soup, all very easy and yummy! and the best part is super easy clean up!

  4. I agree with quality cookware (all clad, caphalon, le creuset), invest once, have it forever. Good knives (chef, paring, etc) I also LOVE my Laguiole steak knives, espresso machiene (w/ milk foamer)and my oxo kitchen scrub brush. I didn't regester for china or plates (so much more fun finding cute and mismatchng pieces at the thrift store). Have fun with it, get pieces YOU both can't live without and fill your lives with beautiful and interesting things that make you happy. We still collect magnets from every place we visit, our fridge is now full of amazing places and memories :-)

  5. Yay! Thanks for all these great tips. What wise women I know. :)


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