Happys and Sads, Part Sei

I've been back in school for almost three weeks now and so it feels like a suitable time for the next installment of Happys and Sads. So here goes...
Name: Elise Jordan
Program: MSc Global Health
Year: 1
Weeks completed: 22
Focus: Getting my thesis proposal submitted. Due last week.

-A spontaneous weekend trip to see Sisterkind and Bobby when I was feeling homesick (my first weekend back).
-Being back in Durham with my great friends here.
-Walks and jogs in the Duke forests with Adam.
-Trying to give Adam Italian lessons in anticipation of our (hopefully) honeymoon in Italia.
-The fact that Adam decided that PREGO means anything he wants it to in the Italian language and is an appropriate response to anything I say, ask, or do.
-The study of Psalms that we are starting in my small group.
-Discovering two new places in the area where you get free soft serve with your meal. They are not buffets. Or fast food. I promise.
-It's officially less than 9 months till W-Day.
-One of my bridesmaids told me the other day that she would "even taste test butter if I needed her too." That is a sweet friend right there.
-The AMAZING care package that Adam's mom sent him from which I quickly confiscated the chocolate covered raisins...at least most of them.
-Adam's and my guilty pleasure trips to cookout for milkshakes. Weekly. Yikes.
-Starting to actually like STATA.
-Getting a letter and some of these yummy bars in the mail from my dear friend Stephanie who wanted me to try something new and delicious that I can eat! You're the best Steph.

-Getting an adorable and sweet letter in the mail from my friend Linnea today. :)
-ACC play in full swing.
-This new thing where Adam gives me foot rubs a lot. I don't know...but I'm liking it.
-Getting involved in a Saturday night supper club with some great friends from church with Adam. Such a blessing to have such awesome, wise, and wonderful people to fellowship and eat great food with!
-Starting pre-marital counseling with an amazing couple who we admire and love spending time (and eating ice cream) with.
-So many people encouraging me lately by telling me how much they appreciate reading my blog. Thank you so much for reading friends!!
-My mom deciding to make a quick trip out here in March!
-The letters from my little friend and now pen-pal, Matthew, that I get without fail each month. I just got one today. They make me smile. :) My favorite part was when he told me it had been exactly 1 month and 11 days since he last wrote me a letter.
-Sister is coming to visit this weekend. And the three Jordan children will be going to a Duke game. Together. This will be epic my friends.

-Back in work mode...or at least trying.
-Trying to finish my thesis proposal.
-Not having nearly as much time to blog as I did over the holidays and being resentful of that.
-Just today:

-My sister told me that she thinks I'm strange
-Adam told me he thinks I'm odd. (But that he loves my oddness...?)

-My cute new purple shoes gave me (many) horrible blisters when I wore them for the first time the other day. I walked most of the way home barefoot. What to do?

-Neither Federer nor Nadal making it to the finals of the Australian Open.
-Wishing the wedding industry wasn't so stinking expensive.
-It's too cold. Period.
-Discovering that I will be missing both my cousin's and my dear friend/future sister in law's (refer to THIS post for the details) weddings while I'm doing my research in Nepal this summer. Heartbreak.
-Sunday's game. But I really don't want to talk about it.

May this week bring you many Happys and few Sads everyone!!


  1. love all of these happys. and love how you even make the sounds very funny and sarcastic. And how did you like the bars?? They are my fave. Hope you enjoyed!!

    loves you mucho!

  2. You certainly had a lot of happy things happened in your life when school started again. And from the looks of it, there are also sad things that you need to do. I think for your thesis proposal. It would be good to get some thesis help from other people. That way, you can get insight from them that can help improve the paper.


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