Life With A Strange Diet

In my last post I noted that most people that know me know about: 1.)My food fettish 2.) My obsession with "local food", and 3.)my wonderful fiance Adam.

Well, my fiance is still wonderful (and is currently at his first day of his new job!) and on the local food front, I'm excited for another trip to the incredible Raleigh Farmer's Market on Saturday! But this post is about #1, namely, my food fettish. I love to cook and I love to eat. But most people that know me also know that I have a VERY complicated relationship with food.

Ever since I was a little girl I have had horrible stomach/digestion/everything issues. And as a result, I had to cut all grains from my diet. Ugh. So my diet resembles a gluten-free diet, except worse. Because I can't eat any of the gluten free grains either (oats, corn, etc.) Just 4 months ago I experimented with adding rice (which is also gluten-free) into my diet in small amounts and so far so good...Now, I know that this sounds miserable, and at times, it is. But I've got to tell you, if you know how to work it, you can still eat well. Really well. Trust me. I've been doing it for quite awhile.

I know that a lot of folks have similar issues so I'm going to share some of my favorite insights and foods that are safe and delicious (even if you don't have issues...):

1.)Edamame Crackers from Trader Joe's. I love edamame. And now TJ makes crackers out of it. The glory.
2. Bob's Red Mill Flours: I like to use the rice flour for baking purposes and the garbanzo bean flour for any kind of sauces or, homemade waffles. Soon I'm going to try to use potato flour to make homemade pasta. I'll let you know how it goes.

3. When other people eat sandwiches, I just take turkey and cheese, etc and roll it in a piece of lettuce. A lot of places will do this for you too. They may give you a funny look, but they'll do it. Red Robin (Mmm) even does it for their burgers!

4. I can eat potatoes. Which means sweet potatoes all I want. Thank Jesus. They give me my carb fix.

5. Hard cider is a great substitute for beer. Usually it's either apple or pear. It's delicious.

6. Eating lots of green veggies gives you the fiber that you are missing from some of the whole grains. Edamame, as mentioned above, has lots of fiber and protein. Brussel sprouts, broccoli, Black beans (especially with eggs for breakfast) are also good.

7. I know I've mentioned these before but LARABARS are amazing. All that's in them is fruit, nuts, and sometimes something like cinnamon or ginger. No added sugar, no added anything. I buy them in bulk at Costco. But you can get them at most grocery stores. But, hint: stores like Whole Foods (a fave) sells them for much cheaper than say, a Kroger, because their customer base has a higher demand for them. Don't ever pay more than $1-1.25 for them!! These are my three favorite flavors: PB&J, Carrot Cake, and Ginger Snap

8. Making salads is almost always a safe bet. I usually just make my own dressings because gluten free dressing is usually really pricy. And, homemade dressing is just better!

9. Ice Cream and Sorbet are one of the best bets for dessert. Also chocolate. How convenient.

10. If you love Italian food like I do, but have "issues" try risotto. It's an amazing Italian rice dish and, if made right, if changes your world. This was one of my favorite things in Italy. Mmm. Also, you can buy rice pasta which, when you add sauce, tastes pretty much the same. But if its a real good meat sauce you don't even need pasta! I just eat it like soup.

So if you ever see me at a party or dinner and it looks like I am one of those folks who can't eat in public or something (?), you can bet that I either ate a good grain-free meal before, or, more likely, have yummy (safe) snacks in my purse. Or pocket. Or both. :) I love food.

Now, don't you see? Life as a grainless girl doesn't have to be miserable. Does anyone else have favorite foods that are friendly for people like me and many others I know? Or favorite recipes?


  1. I share your first two passions...except for your fiance (sorry Adam!). :)

    1. Edamame (chocolate-covered)= my most favorite snack in the ENTIRE world.
    2. The garbanzo bean flour is WONDERFUL! I'm assuming you haven't tried the quinoa flour since it has grains :(. It's my fave.
    3. SWEET POTATOES: I eat at least 4 a week, in several shapes and forms. That's not weird.
    4. Hard cider tastes like apple juice, Elise. Silly goose.
    5. My fave larabar= pecan pie and ginger snap. YUM!
    6. I miss sharing dessert with you every night.

    We're not similar or anything...

  2. Elise, I did the Daniel Fast (vegan and then's basically just fruits, vegetables, and some whole grains, and nothing leavened) for a few weeks last year and have this book about it that includes lots of delicious recipes, many definitely grainless--I'll have to find that book and send you a few of my favorites :)


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