Rabbit Holes

Do you ever let yourself loose to explore the endless labyrinth that is the World of Blog?

I do. Oooh, and it's bad.

It's worse than facebook, pinterest, gawker universe, sporcle, and pioneer woman COMBINED for me.

I love to read. And I love to write. So I really love to read what other people who love to write, write. And nearly all blogs have links to other blogs that the writers of the blogs love to read. And I love to read those too. But, sometimes it can get out of control. I can spend a solid hour jumping from blog to blog to blog to blog to see what people I don't even know are thinking, on any given day.

For instance: I always read my sister's blog. There is, in fact, a link to her blog, on my blog. But whenever I'm on her blog, Mrs. Agaba, I almost always end up checking out


Another blog I like is my friend Allyson's blog, Allyson Recipe Ranger. But here goes that rabbit hole:
Recipe Ranger to
The Small Things (Another friend of mine)
The Small Things to From My Grey Desk (her sister).

Another blog I adore is my friend Marcy's blog, Masterpiece and Milk

Not only do I love Marcy's blog, but I LOVE the line up of blogs that she has on her blog. It's wonderful. Probably my favorite.

I almost always end up on this site:

Or this site:
From Cville With Love (Which often leads me to this gem: Oh, Hello Friend.)

Or this site:

Or my very favorite Marcy link:

And Cup of Joe almost always leads me to the following blog:

Which leads me to this blog:
Rockstar Diaries, which is heaven.

(Both of these last two are also linked-to from Marcy's. So, Marcy wins greatest link-to award. Good thing I link-to her. Does that give me an assist in the best link-to award statistics? Well, since I'm creating these awards...yes, it does.)

Do I have a problem?
Do you also have this problem?
Are we really so worried about it?
Reading about life. Real, normal, life,

Might be better than some things we waste our time with?
Or I might just be justifying another not-so-productive use of my time?
You decide.

While you are deciding, check out my link-tos.


  1. My personal fav, although I do love yours, is: www.bonjourariana.blogspot.com

  2. You left out the Glove Box which is my favorite next to my own daughters'

  3. Mom, we all know The Glove Box is my favorite blog. She doesn't link to any others so it just didn't apply here...


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