The Snapshots

I can’t leave Whistler behind without leaving y’all with one more post. So here are the “snapshots.” Hopefully you’ll understand why it’s such a special place…

The Drive:

The Village:

The Mountains:

The Rush:

The Ice Cream:

The Accents:
I love that in Whistler you hear accents from all over the world. Along with the unexplainable pleasure of listening to accents, the number of them in Whistler serves as a subtle reminder that most places don’t think, talk, act, or work just the way I do. The world is a big place, and each place has its own ways. My place and my way are just part of the mosaic. This is never a bad thing to be reminded of.

The Memories:
-After skiing hard, meeting in a pub, and unwinding with a hard cider or two…asking “Am I safe to Ski?” Then skiing home anyway.

-Free Chocolate Cake and ice cream from our Tasmanian -Scottish-Canadian waiter.

-Going to bed at 8:30 with no shame because you’ve skied so hard.

The Ponderings:
-Realizing how blessed we are to be in such a glorious place.

-Wondering how precisely to explain the way God reveals His majesty through His creation. And then being thankful that my God is too big to explain. And His majesty is too profound to really articulate.

-Realizing that this is the last vacation I will ever take with my family while I’m Elise Leighann Jordan.

-Wondering if someday I’ll be able to offer my own children experiences this extravagant. Then wondering if that’s even important at all.

-Realizing that even when I wear three pairs of leggings/pants, four layers on top, gloves, hat, helmet, goggles, scarf, and two pairs of wool socks, I’m still cold in 32 degree weather. Is something wrong with me?

-Wondering if I care about our national security enough to not be annoyed at it taking an hour to get through the border.

-Realizing that if the book is good enough I don’t get sick reading on the mountain roads. Obviously I was reading a book about Audrey. (Note: This book was loaned to me by another Audrey obsessed friend, Nina. And I would recommend it to anyone who is as enthralled with her as we are. Or anyone at all. I dare you not to love her by the time you’re done.)
-Wondering why after less than a week away from my fiancé, it feels like a month. Especially when 3 of the days were spent in another country. And thinking about what it’s going to be like next summer when I’m in Nepal for 2 months.

-Realizing again that life is so good. And not because of anything I’ve done to deserve it. Thank you God for blessing me with Whistler and all the meaning it has had in my life.

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