It’s this little village up in the mountains of British Columbia. And, it happens to be the number One ski resort in, well, pretty much the world. We’ve been blessed to be coming here every year of my entire life (and before).

It’s where I learned to ski.

More importantly it’s where I was conceived. (If you’ve been here, you’d understand)

It’s where I have had some of my worst injuries and some of my greatest adventures.
And, where I first came across a bear. (Jen, don’t panic)

As I sit here in our room after the first long day on the slopes I’m reflecting on all the things that have made and continue to make this place so special.
-The ski school where I progressed from Wee Wizards to Snow Sliders to Red Riders to Green Gliders to Blue Bombers, Black Busters, and Super Stars. We all started skiing around 5 yrs. And finished ski school around 11-12. We were determined to ski with mom and dad. Being back here reminds us of our days learning our “Pizza Pie” and “French Fry.”
-The Curly haired, blue-eyed French boys (about 4 yrs. and 6 yrs.) who I wanted to scoop up. They came and talked to me while I was warming myself by the fire at our favorite Irish Pub here. They were flashing these huge cheeky grins at me and talking the whole time and I had not one clue what they were saying. They didn’t seem to mind. Then one of them kind of squeezed me on the shoulder, smiled, and ran off. Can I please have a small blue-eyed curly hair French child?? Adam? Can we?
-Skiing with my brother down some of the toughest runs at the resort wondering in my head how I’d live with myself if one of us died. Well, really how I’d live with myself if he died…
-Those people who lose their skis or gloves on the lifts.
-Skiing all day on a piece of string cheese and then indulging myself at Après Ski with potato skins and cider.
-No lift lines (second week of the year is perfect)
-Great snow
-Meeting People on the lifts
-French Fries
-Burning legs
-Family time
-Snowy Walks in the Village
-Ice Cream at Cows even when you're freezing.

-Sleeping so soundly, then, waking up in paradise.


  1. Tanzmanian? What is that? You mean Tanzanian or Tasmanian right?

  2. haha, i meant tasmanian...i can't spell. failure. sorry.


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