I'm a bride-to-be.

I'm obsessed with Anthropologie.

Today is Valentine's Day and Anthro launched their BRIDAL shop.

It's a happy day.

Y'all should go check out this beautiful addition to the lovely world of Anthropologie.

Meet me there...because you know that's where I'll be!

But in the's a sneak peak.


  1. Too bad you have already bought your dress. I haven't though. :) What do they have for the Mamma?

  2. ooooh, you better go take a look. If you've got about 5 hours. I bet they have something a MOB could wear. :)

  3. the SHOES the Shoes!!!!! ohhhh i love those shoes. WOW!

  4. You've already bought your dress? I'm sure you'll be an elegant and lovely bride. Love the Anthro options though.

  5. Two things: I don't know what BHLDN means, and you would write this blog


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