Today is a special day...for several reasons.
One, is that I am leaving Durham and going to the great state of Virginia.
Two, is that it's a perfect square day. Which always excites me.
Three, it is going to be 70 degrees, again!
But Four is the most important. Four is that it is LAUR day.

You see, I have two wonderful, special, couldn't-live-without-em friends who were born on this day 23 years ago.

Meet Lauren

Meet the real Lauren...

Meet Laura

Meet the real Laura...

Yes, I know they are both gorgeous. But come back now and focus so I can finish this post...

These two girls have been great friends to me since college.
They've spoken truth and wisdom into my life in times when I've needed it.
They've encouraged me when others didn't or couldn't.
They shared Christian fellowship with me.
They've broken bread with me. And dessert.
They've broken wine with me...
They've been silly with me, and serious with me.
They love God and constantly encourage me in my faith.
They are both so much FUN. It's true.
They love people so well. Even me. And that's hard to do sometimes. Actually, a lot of the time.

And even though I rarely get to see either of them anymore...
They have both been so adamant about calling me regularly since we stopped living in the same town (even though I am often really hard to get in touch with...)

Yes, I know they are both beautiful looking.

But they also ARE beautiful.

If you know a LAUR- who is as awesome as these should call them today and wish them a happy perfect square day. And then, tell them you love them.

As for me:

Dear Lauren and Laura,

I love you so much. Thanks for being two of my best friends. HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY! It's not that old, trust me. I've been here awhile. Xo.


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  1. it's true- these two LAUR-s are THE BEST! Happy Birthday Ladies!!!!


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