Mine for the Weekend

This weekend my Seester came to town. Meet Seester:

Isn't she a pretty one?

Seester lives in Richmond, VA with Brother in-law, Bobby. Aren't they beautiful?

But, this weekend Seester came and lived with me for two days in Durham, NC. Now what, you may be asking, does one do when such a special guest comes to town? Let me enlighten you:

-I make yummy dinners.
Meet Ernie.
Ernie was our yummy dinner.

We also had white truffle oven fries and brussell sprouts.

-We play Qwirkle. Or whatever it is called. I like to call it shapes and colors.

-It starts raining in my room right on top of Seester while she is sleeping. So she just comes over to my side of the bed and we snuggle. Then we call the landlord...

-We lay in bed and listen to beautiful music to wake up in the morning.

-We use the funny effects to take pictures on my Mac because we still don't want to get out of bed.

(I had never used my Mac for this before. I was reminded how fun/hilarious this is. Here is some evidence):

Excuse our morning hair.

Excuse my retainer...

-We go and try on bridesmaid dresses.

-We make brunch and lots of friends show up!

-We go to a Duke game with Brotherkind. This is epic. Three Jordan kids. In Cameron. Together.
Again, EPIC.

Excuse our Scheyer faces. We couldn't resist.

Cute? Or Creepy? (Note: This is not mine...)

-We play more Qwircle.

-I get to take her to church at the Summit for the first time.
-Sibling lunch at Parker and Otis. Yumm.
-We say our goodbyes, and she hits the road.

Then, just like that, it's over.

-But later, I can't resist revisiting the funny effects on photobooth with Adam.

Such a blessing to have our first real sister time since Laura and Robert have been married. Still getting used to having to share her apparently.

Love you my Dora/Sisterface/Friendkind/Loh Moh. Come again soon!!


  1. Oh my goodness, I was in Durham this weekend! Not that I would have wanted to interrupt sister time, but would have loved to see you two!

  2. I love this post, thanks so much for putting up those ridiculous pictures from your computer. I love you

  3. and we all know you only love Qwirkle cause you get to cheat!


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