The Old and the New

This morning (as in about 20 minutes ago), as I sat down to have some quiet time, something momentous happened...

You see, I have this pen. And it's my favorite pen. One of my best friends and soon-to-be sister, Emily, made this pen for me as I was leaving for my first year of college. It has a Sunflower, my favorite flower, on it. And I use it all the time. Writing letters, journalling...basically any writing that takes place in my room or nearby (which is a lot) gets done with this pen.

And isn't it a nice pen?

The other amazing thing about this pen (yes this whole blog is about the pen, in case you thought I was going to move on to a more interesting subject) is that it NEVER runs out of ink. Seriously, I have used it and used it and used it, and I always think it's running low and then it springs back to life. I think Emily infused it with some elixir from the tree of life or something when she made it. Reminder...FRESHMAN year of college.

But, today, as I was sitting down to go through the first day of our study of Psalms for this week, it wouldn't write. And I scribbled hard. And I shook it hard. And I talked sweetly to it, and...nothing. Folks its dead. After a solid life of about 4.5 years, my sunflower pen has retired. But I think it deserves a spot in the pen-life hall of fame. Anyone else? 4.5 YEARS of writing!!

The funny thing is, just as my sunflower pen died this morning, I looked over and right next to me on the table there was a beautiful bouquet of REAL sunflowers that Adam brought me last night when I was sick.

And so I smiled. And all of the sudden, it was a little easier to let go of the pen.

But now, I'm going to go find a new pen so I can finish my study...


  1. Haha this is cute! I had no idea you loved that pen so much! Hope you're feeling better.

  2. I love all the pictures you took on your mac, and you are looking at the camera and not the screen

  3. point for fiance- those are great flowers!


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