A Project Preview...

As I sit here and blog on this sunny Monday morning, my fingers are stained with a perfectly lovely shade of dark teal. I spent a good portion of last night and this morning scrubbing, but I can't seem to get it all off. You see, this weekend, we did a project. A really cool project.

I can't tell y'all what it is quite yet...because it's kind of a surprise. But it consumed a large portion of our weekend and involved things like:

-Large pieces of wood.
-A salesman who was doing "extraordinarily well, thank you."
-"Our first...ceiling fan?"
-Cramming lumber into Cameron.
-Splinters in our rumps and feet.
-Paint on our faces, fingers, and floors. Also on Adam's new wool socks.
-Discovering our artistic sides.
-Disney colors.
-Gooey paper.
-Power fingers.
-Dinner on the floor.
-Tea all over the couch.
-Quality time creating something beautiful for our wedding. :)


Intrigued? Maybe. Probably not.
But, just for the record, it's a masterpiece.
(At least to us)
And it made for a fun few days.

Now, it's Monday morning.
But my colorful fingers are still clinging to the weekend.

Have a lovely week my friends.

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