Whole (Lotta) Foods

Adam and I are not big fans of Valentine's Day.

We just aren't.

Plus, WE'RE ENGAGED! So let's be honest, everyday kinda feels like Valentine's Day.

But there is something we've been dying to do and couldn't justify it any other day because of the tightness of our budgets currently...so we did it.
On Valentine's Day.

There is this Whole Foods in Chapel Hill that is about twice as big as any WF I have ever been to. And their cafe has so much good food that I don't know how people actually grocery shop there without getting distracted and just sitting down and feasting.

Background #1: Adam and I love WF.
Background #2: WF is catering our wedding (yep yep).

So...we decided to go and get some of every kind of food that looked good in their entire cafe and have a feast at Whole Foods. This is the kind of thing we always dream about splurging on but can never justify doing. Well friends, we used the holiday we dislike to justify something that we love. Is that wrong? Probably.

We made pigs of ourselves. And boy did it taste good.

But the best part...afterward we went back to their gelato bar for dessert. And WF gelato bar is our weakness.
(In case you are wondering, WF will also be doing a gelato bar at our wedding. Heaven.)

So in a nutshell, it was kind of like a wedding dinner preview. Except we actually got to EAT the food. Which I hear you don't do much of at your actual wedding.

Perhaps not the traditional V-Day. But it was perfect for us.

And aren't these lovelies just looking prettier by the day? (And apparently getting a lot of face time on my blog.)

They are also from WF.
WF might be doing our flowers too...
Again, we REALLY love WF.

Happy second half of February y'all. Xo.


  1. I have an idea, how bout you blog EVERY DAY and make the rest of us look bad.

    Oh wait, you already do that!

  2. You guys are so cute. I feel so old reading your blog! LOL :)Enjoy this time--it's soooo fun! (It's fun now, too...but you know what I mean ;) LOL (or you will...)

  3. This is too adorable. I think this is a perfect Valentine's date! Esp with what looks like pink gelato... :)

  4. I wish i could have been the third wheel on this valentines day date. lovee youuuu!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. mmmm whole foods bar :)


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