Familiar and Happy

I woke up this morning in a very familiar town, in the apartment of a very familiar friend. After spending another lovely weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia I am waving farewell once again—also something I’ve become very familiar with.
But today I’m not headed back to Durham, and I’m not heading back to classes.

Today, I’m heading to a happy place. One of my happiest places. A place called Hatteras.

And what makes it an even happier place, is that I am going with two of my best friends—Jen and Laura (If you follow my blog you know these two very well by now.)

 Hatteras is a little beach town in the Southern outer banks. All it really has to offer is beautiful beaches, salty air, peaceful solitude, and sunsets, ooh the sunsets. So, if you are in to those kinds of things—it’s kind of heavenly.
Hatteras is also a very familiar place. It's where my best friends and I retreat once a year. It's where my family and Adam and I spent time this summer the week after marrying off my older sister Mrs. Agaba. It's where we cook delicious meals, bike, run, walk on the beach, share devotions in the morning, share a king size bed at night, and share life together.
I'd love to tell you more, but it's time to pack up Cameron with all our bags and goodies and head to the ocean. More to come from Hatty...
We'll take these three, please!


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