Happys and Sads, Part Sette

My favorite installment of the month. Part Sette.

Name: Elise Jordan
Program: MSc Global Health
Year: 1
Weeks completed: 26
Focus: Getting my thesis proposal submitted. Due...A long time ago.

-Going to my first ever Duke-UNC game. In Cameron. And coming out victoriously.
-Remembering how much I love/miss throwing waffle parties.
-Nirupama thinking to bring GELATO to put on waffles. Brilliant!
-Dreaming about Nepal with Tulsi. And planning our summit of Everest.

-One of my friends seeing the huge picture of Audrey on my wall and asking, “Is that Elise?”
-Parker and Otis. Durham’s redeeming quality.
-Church and brunch dates with Paul and Peyton. Often at…Parker and Otis.
-Continuing Adam's Italian lessons for our honeymoon…he’s basically got the “Ti amo” and “Bellissima” down. We’re working on the rest.
-A few 70-something degree days.
-Milkshakes. Too many milkshakes.

-Nirumpama discovering this new show called "Portlandia" and getting me obsessed with watching clips online. It basically makes fun of all the stereotypes of green, grainy, Pacific North-Westerners. Here is my favorite clip. "Is it local?"
-An enormous calendar.
-Blogging more this month than ever before. And loving it more and more.
-Spending 3 weekends in a row in Charlottesville. (1 down, 2 to go).
-Chasing Chickens.
-Getting to stay with our friends Nick and Lindsay in their cute new home…and our Friday night by candlelight.
-Spending an afternoon with my dear friend Jenn Boggs and her precious family. (Two of whom are in my wedding!)

Love these two. Just love them.

-Same awesome friend Jenn offering to MAKE the Jr. Bridesmaids and Flower Girl dresses! She is so talented. Check out her Etsy shop here.
-Getting to see my first UVA baseball game of the season. Go Hoos.
-Taste-testing our wedding menu and wishing that we could get married every day.
-Adam deciding that my apartment needs to have sunflowers in it permanently. I really like the way he thinks.
-Spring Break next week = Outer Banks with two of my best friends. Nothing better.
-An amazing thunderstorm last night that made me ready for summer.
-Mamma is coming to town NEXT Thursday.
-The other day I hugged Adam and he told me: “You're always welcome in these parts.”
I love him.

-I’ve almost cried twice this past week due to overwhelmedness with work. And I never cry.
-Spell check didn’t want me to use the word overwhelmedness.
-Currently spending the better part of two weeks away from Adam. Which was much easier when we were used to long distance…
-Virginia Tech…
-Too many warm days followed by freezing days that confuse my body and make my head hurt and my feet cold.
-My pearls that I have worn everyday of my life since High School broke. I don't even know what to do with myself. My friend Jenn (yep, same Jenn) is going to help fix them this weekend.
-STATA lab 2a. I don't want to know what 2b. holds.
-I haven’t changed my sheets in over a month…che schifo.
-My room is a mess.
-I think I’m over being a student. Or at least I’m over work. And stress.
-I broke the sacred “Letter Chain” and haven’t started it back up again. It’s going to happen soon. I promise!

-I cannot get pictures taken of me. I learned this while trying to get engagement photos made. Twice. I just get awkward and don’t know what to do with my face or hands or feet or hair. Good thing we have such talented photographers…
-I blog more when I'm busy and don't have time to, than when I’m free and have all the time in the world. It’s ironic.
-My toes are painted purple. I've never had purple toes before. I'm liking it.
-Isn’t it weird that we can say we’re UP or DOWN for something and it means the same thing?
-I realized that it’s pretty much guaranteed now that I will get married before my sister has babies. This is something I’ve always wondered about. But, we are less than 8 months away from W-day. Which is less than nine months. Although, there is always the possibility of a preemie, in which case my sister AND my father would be preoccupied for my wedding. Which would be cause for major bummerness.
-Spell check also didn’t like the word bummerness.
-I downloaded the most amazing “To-do List” application for my desktop. It kind of stresses me out, seeing everything right there on my screen. But it’s so fun to use that I purposely think of more and more things to put on it.

-It's another Sunny day in Durham. Hope the sun finds you today as well, wherever you may be! Happy first-day-of-the-month-in-which-Spring-begins!


  1. i just love love LOVE you. and i love your happy/sad posts. I feel like i've just caught up on your whole life the past month!! The problem with these blogs of ours... we feel like we know each other' lives so well... but we need to TALK on the phone!!! mIss you sweet girl!!

  2. I love your happy/sads/randoms posts. I love you. I love that I am seeing you a week from Friday with our mamma!

  3. you can't just say "chasing chickens" with no explanation

    just saying ...


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