Our Big Green...

::Surreal Moment Newsflash::
We just got our first wedding gift. Repeat wedding gift.

Our wedding may still be 228 days away, but somehow it suddenly feels a lot closer. We have barely told anyone that our registries even exist yet because they are still a work in progress. But a little birdie (named Mamma) told the one person we know that WOULD be too antsy to wait till October to get this for us and surely enough, the one kitchen appliance that I have dreamt of my entire life showed up at our doorstep tonight.

It's big.
It's green.
And it mixes.

Ahhh, isn't it lovely!?

This came from the same woman who can't wait till after dinner to order dessert. Who always makes the yummiest baked goods for her family and, let's be honest, for herself. She is my sweet tooth soul mate. She never leaves the house without chocolates in her pockets. My mom and brother always tell me that I am somehow actually her daughter. And, as you can see, she is also incredibly generous. This was a "pie in the sky" (if you will) item for us. But we added it anyway. I almost cried when I saw what it was today.

And, as we opened it we looked at each other and realized, this is going to be in OUR kitchen. Why yes, yes it will. For a very long time. I will use it for our holidays, birthdays, and dinner parties.
When I want to surprise Adam with yummy treats.
When I experiment with all my crazy gluten free baked goods that only taste good half the time.
When I've had a hard day and just need baking therapy.

And whenever I do, it will be flashing that happy green smile of its up at me. And I'll smile right back.

And then I'll think of her. And I'll wonder what she is making in her KitchenAid at that moment.

Thank you for our first wedding gift. We love it. So much. Xo.


Elise (and Adam)


  1. This will become one of your best friends! I just LOVE mine (red). What a super gift and a wonderful surprise. Enjoy!

    Irene (MammaBJ's friend from Royal College of Surgeons days)

  2. I am so happy for you! She is so good to you and it is SO her to not be able to wait. We also gout out 10 piece Calphalon set way before our wedding from her.

  3. That was our first gift too! Fun, and incredibly generous! Nice choice in color- we went with yellow, but it was tough to choose. Love you lady!


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