I'm sitting here this morning, Laura is singing in the back room, Jen is eating TJ's granola with banana at the table, and we are all trying to enjoy our last morning together in Hatteras.

Each morning at the beach has had a distinct attitude of its own:

The first morning it was deceptive--radiant sunshine + a biting chill in the air. It looked like a swimsuit day but I assure you, it wasn't. But we were here and we were excited to be on our way.

The next morning was lovely--sunny, calm, and warmer. Perfect weather for several long walks on the beach; barefoot but still warmly dressed.

Today is neither deceptive, nor lovely. It's not trying to fool us. It's grey and cloudy and we have to leave. So it's fitting.

But each morning I have woken up with two of my best friends. Eaten breakfast. Shared devotions. And at some point lazily wondered out (after bundling up) to the ocean. Day one we took the ferry across to the Ocracoke; a little beachy island where there is nothing to do besides biking, playing on the beach, and eating ice cream. Being the winter, all the shops/restaurants/ice cream places were closed so it becomes an island where you can rent bikes or play on the beach. Turns out we love those things:

Token windy ferry picture where all involved look awkward...or is it just me who looks awkward?

We've got tricks up our sleeves. Go LT:

My Turn:

Work it Track Star Jen:

Yesterday was warmer and sunny and we stayed in Hatteras and went for a long morning walk on the beach, followed by lunch, followed by naps, followed by an afternoon walk on the beach, followed by games, followed by dinner, followed by movies, followed by bed. At 10:30. We document the beach well...

Yes, we realize they are white.

And today is morning number three. It is strange how rapidly things that we anticipate and look forward to in life pass us by. We invest so much in them and then, in a blink, they're over.

So it is with the beach.

Thank goodness memories and goofy pictures remain:

Cooking delicious dinners each night.
Dove Chocolate(s).
Bruised bums.
Puzzling puzzles.
Josie? Oh, no.
Guest bloggers (and can I hear it for them please?)
Cinnamon in tomato soup? Yep, Laura went there.
There were three in a king size bed, and the little one said...nighty night.
Oh Suzy-May...excuse you.

"Just DRAG it!"
"I'm double fisting a carrot and an apple...FAT TUESDAY?"
"Those shoes are so many bucks!"

And we'd like to thank trusty Cameron for making this trip possible.

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