Someone Spectacular

Today is the first day of Spring.

Happy Spring!

Today is also the day that Einstein published his theory of relativity.
Ok, he was pretty smart.

But most importantly today is the day that my older sister Laura was born. I have never really written much about my sister on my blog.

This is not because I don't love her.
Or because she is unimportant or uninteresting.
It's just because it's too difficult to put her into words.
She is the most spectacular person I know.
And my best friend.

She gave me my first haircut, taught me how to shave my legs and curl my hair, taught me what to wear and what NOT to wear. She let me sleep in her room with her till I was about 8 even though I kicked and stole all the covers. She let me borrow her clothes, even her favorite things. She taught me how to be brave. She taught me to find my worth in who God says I am and not in what anyone else thinks or says. She taught me how to sacrifice my own desires when God calls me toward something else, no matter what the something else is.

She moved to Rwanda for two years after graduating college and met her husband there. They live in the states now but will move back to Rwanda for good after Robert finishes school.

And this is not because she doesn't love me.
Or because she thinks i'm unimportant or uninteresting.
It's difficult to put into words,
But basically, it's because she's the most spectacular person I know.
And we'll still always be best friends.

I don't know how many birthdays, holidays, everydays, I'll get to spend with her as adults. Far fewer than I imagined, I'm afraid. We may not live on the same continent when we are having children, being wives, living life, or experiencing all those things that sisters do together. But, we'll always be sisters. And she'll never cease to amaze me.

I love you Lovely Laura. Happy 26th Birthday.




  1. Beautiful thoughts for your sister on her birthday Elise. You are a very spectacular person yourself. Cindy Vaucher

  2. I also wish Laura a Happy Birthday. She is the one who made me a Mom, but I am a blessed Mamma to have 2 spectacular daughters. I am so thankful that they love and admire each other. I am so thankful that they both put God's will in their lives, first. I am thankful that they both have found good men to spend their lives with. I am also thankful that in addition to my daughters, God blessed Glenn and me with a son. I am a blessed Mamma on this first day of spring 2011.

  3. This post brought a tear to my eye.

    Happy birthday Laura.

    MammaBJ - job VERY well done!

  4. Me crying

    Robert laughing at me

    for crying

    I love you


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