The Start of Something Wonderful...

No I don't want to talk about it, blog about it, or even think about it but this week has been...well it's over. And thank you Jesus for THAT.

And, not only is this week over, but today is start of that one special thing about still being a student: Spring. Break. This still exists in my life. And for that, I am ever-grateful.

I've got many wonderful lovely things planned for this break (one of them being blogging often!) but tonight I'm kicking it off by making dinner for my man. Scratch that. For my men-- Brotherkind and Adam.

And aren't they tall handsome men?

This is what they do when they hear I'm cooking dins for them.

I love to cook, yes. I love to eat, yeeeeesss. But I rarely have the funds, and never have the time to make nice meals anymore. It's a sad thing. So tonight, I am making something delizioso! That's Italian for delicious. Mmmm.

In a recent post I describe the wonders of my Life with a strange Diet, and how I was hoping to make homemade pasta soon with potato flour. So tonight I decided on this delicious recipe:

I am usually really picky about new recipes but I chose this one for four reasons:

1. I love pesto
2. I have white-truffle oil that I've been dying to make something delicious with in my fridge.
3. I love Gnocchi.
4. All 3 of us are going to Italy in the fall (PJ for studying abroad and us for our honeymoon), so I figure I need to introduce them to good Italian cooking now...

I think I'm going to make an arugula salad to go with it.

I also bought (shhhh, don't tell...) whole foods gelato for dessert AND a bottle of wine.

I'll let you know how it all turns out. I'm just grateful for the chance to make a good meal for people I love, And, for the start of a week off. A wonderful, wonderful week off.


  1. yum, and yum!
    I just sent this (and your referenced cheerful description of how you eat glutin-free) to my much-loved naturopath who is also glutin free! I did no-wheat no-dairy for a year, which was more than tricky at first but seems to have taken care of allergies in the long run.

    I love pesto too. Now I'm hungry for some.

  2. I sure wish you were here to cook dinner for me. I am up to my ears in Chair Affair hardware and software. No time to make dinner.


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