To Begin, the Conclusion

Lately I've been confronted with how crazy of a journey life is. And the little things that happen that lead you to certain ideas, places, people. And I often spend so much time wondering what lies ahead, trying to anticipate or plan for it.

Sometimes I take comfort in not knowing. But usually, it drives me mad.

I was reflecting on this today and realized that this is true of my spiritual journey as well; It blows my mind thinking of the journey that God has brought me on, from the time I became a Christian until now. And it reminded me of the way I concluded the spiritual autobiography that I had to write my third year of undergrad. I've shared bits and pieces of it already (click below).
And I may share more in the future. But for now, I'm sharing its conclusion. Because this is where I found myself journeying today.
"X and Y are for the two axes, and my journey is a function (pun intended) of both. Math is my favorite subject and I tend to think of everything in terms of numerical calculation and manipulation. I see a lot of commonalities between my spiritual journey and a function on a graph. The X axis determines whether I am moving forward or backward. The goal of my journey is to always be making forward progress, no matter how slowly. The Y axis determines whether I am moving upward or downward. Along this axis, on the other hand, I am content to experience movement in both directions. A journey consisting only of mountain-top moments will never build character or strength. But a journey trapped permanently in the valley is hopeless. So I guess what I am saying is that I hope my journey looks a lot like the graph of sine. While it continuously experiences ups and downs, it is always moving forward toward infinity, or should I say eternity. From this illustration I can easily derive (I like puns) the final letter of my spiritual journey. X and Y are for the two axes; on which all my movement is represented.

Z is for Zion. Zion is a term often used to refer to the Promised Land. The Promised Land is a place where God dwells among his people, eternally. In my mind it represents the place and point in time when I will be united with God and will live eternally; without blemish and without pain. It gives direction, purpose, and meaning to my spiritual journey. Zion, to me, means fulfillment, comprehension, healing, and peace. The things that confound and confuse me now, will all come together and be perfectly reconciled. I will be surrounded by the Truth, and I will finally grasp it fully. There will be no more questions, only understanding. Zion is far, and yet it is very near, just as the Kingdom of God is both present and future. I have my eyes set on a destination, but I must also continue to focus on the voyage. Z is for Zion, the place that my autobiography ends, but my journey continues toward."

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