18 years later...

My mom CC'd me on an email today to one of her dear friends Kris, whose daughter was one of my childhood friends, Brittany.

"Kris, please forward this to Brittany. I found this the other day in a box of old photos. I researched it in my photo albums, and determined that is is October of 1993. Elise and Brittany are 5 and 6 years old. 18 years later they are both getting married within weeks of each other. (In October). Isn't this so precious? BETH"

The picture that was attached:

This makes me smile because:

1.) It reminds me that all my friends who were younger than I was, were always taller than I was too. I remember being very insecure about this. Maybe that's why I liked gymnastics. It's where the short kids played.

2.) It begs the question, where on earth did we find those amazing dresses? Steals. And how will be possibly outdo ourselves on the real days?

3.) It amazes me that somehow we sensed that we'd be October brides...even at 5 and 6. Astute, we were.

4.) It serves as another reminder of how ironically terrifical life can be.

Congrats Brittany! Apparently our destinies have been fulfilled!


  1. So sweet and lovely. (Are you both going with the puffy sleeve look this coming October too?)

    October is a lovely month to be married in: for me it was Oct. 10, 1982.

  2. I like Oct. also. Both Paul and Glenn were born in Oct. In fact, Rebecca, Paul was born on your 8th anniversary, Oct. 10, 1990. I have not seen Brittany's dress but I will bet it does not have puffy sleeves. Elise did not go for a puffy sleeved one either. Congrats to both young women and their men.

  3. Elise this is so special. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. We really had a great time dressing up! I can not believe this was 18 years ago. Congrats on your wedding which I am sure will be lovely. I read your blog quite frequently and it normally makes me smile but this does not even compare!

  4. I love this picture, I LOVE that it was an October and I love that you are both going to be brown haired beautiful brides! Congratulations to both of you!

  5. unrelated to this post, but i think you will like these. :)



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