Dinosaurs and Grad Students

One of my best friends, Jen, sent me this in an email the other day. The subject line simply read "grad school."

I laughed so hard.

Because it is so true.

Especially this time of year.

I am done with the semester exactly two weeks from today. And yesterday I had that crisis moment when I realized that I simply do not have enough time between now and then to finish everything that I must get done. (Particularly if I spend time blogging, which will inevitably happen.)

My face got warm, my shoulders all tight, tears even tried to well up in my eyes, and I started to shake. Unfortunately there were people witnessing this. So I ran home, opened up my computer and just started hammering out words, sentences, paragraphs, like a mad woman just trying to check SOMETHING off her list.

And then I saw this email again, and I just chuckled. Because this happens EVERY semester. Without fail. And somehow, everything always gets done. And summer arrives.

Like my mother always tells me, time will rescue you.

This is true. And God commands time. And God is in control.

So i'll make it.

And all of you other students--you will too. Be encouraged. Finish strong!


  1. Oh Elise! I did get a good laugh out of this. Take care and good luck!!

  2. I love the cartoon, that would have been enough! I love you

  3. Can you believe that you have been in grad school for almost an entire school year? Look what you have accomplished! I am so proud of you. It will all get done, and then we will all be there with you to celebrate a family wedding. YEAH.


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