First "Friday First": Nepali. The saga.

Try to think of a concept that is really foreign to you...

Stopping at green lights and driving through red.
Sleeping on top of the covers rather than under.
Walking backward...or on your hands instead of feet.
Getting to sleep in, ever.
People who don't like ice cream...

These are a few of mine. What are some of yours?

The point of this exercise is to illustrate how completely and utterly foreign the Nepali language is to me. I started learning today. And don't worry, I told the man who was teaching us that I was coming to bed. Because why wouldn't I mess up something so embarrassing on the first day?
(Note 1: My face may or may not have turned the color of Dorothy's slippers.)

But, all in all, it felt adventurous and brave, and even though I was pointed out as the one in the group who was having a little trouble when everyone else was doing great...I consider it a success. That said, I plan to practice a lot more before I use any Nepali in country...and invite too many people to bed.

Anyone interested in learning any? I bet it would be a first for you too. If so, read on. If not, stop here. Boo.

To greet you say "Namaste." Easy enough. I say this all the time during yoga.

To say my name is you say "Ma Elise hun." Now try it. "Ma____hun."

To say tomorrow I will eat ice cream you say "Bholi ma ice cream khanchhu."
To say the day after tomorrow I will eat ice cream you say "Parsi ma ice cream khanchhu."

To say I come to bed, you say "Ma bed ma aaunchhu."

If what you MEAN to say is I go to had best say, "Ma bed ma janchhu."
(Note 2: There is a difference between these last two. Especially when you are speaking to an older Nepali man. Who then looks very offended.)

To say thank you say "Dhanyabad."

Dhanyabad. For reading this that is. And for experiencing a first with me.

Happy Weekend All. (In English.)

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