Happys and Sads, Part Nove

Name: Elise Leighann
MSc Global Health
Year: 1
Weeks Completed: Forget Weeks, I finished first year
Focus: Immunizations, Visas, Emergency Health Insurance. Nepal in < 1 month


-Finishing year one of Grad School.
-Passing all of my classes.
-The ice cream truck has started coming by my apartment daily. Sometimes it plays Christmas music.
-The screaming deal I came across on Mangos at Harris Teeter: 11 for $5.00! Too good to be true. It only took me about a week and a half to get through them. They were heaven.
-A delightful double date with our friends Andria and Taylor at one of my new favorite restaurants in Durham.
-Spending Good Friday at Portico.
-Spending Easter weekend with my family in Virginia, including a perfect Spring day at the farm.

-The passing down of some special family treasures to Adam and me.
-These adorable jars that used to be my Grandmom's.

-Breaking lent by introducing Laura and Robert to Cookout.
-Trader Joe's Quick-Cook Steel cut oats. We all know how long steel-cut oats take to cook. But we cherish their delicious nutty-cruchiness that regular old-fashinoned oats don't offer. Leave it to TJ to come up with the solution. I've already gone through 3 cans in 2 months!

-My skin is slowing changing from pasty white to tanned. This is much appreciated and long awaited.
-Seeing THIS preview and shouting out loud in the theatre when I realized what it was for. It comes out in August. Can't wait! Read the book first, trust me, it's terrific.

-Finding our house for the Fall!
-Cleaning my entire apartment top to bottom because I had time.
-Front Porch Sittin.
-Getting our Save the Dates and loving them. Thanks His and Hers Press! Y'all rock.
-A conversation that we had on our double date with Andria and Taylor that proves my fiance loves me:

Someone at the table: Something about coffee...
Adam: Oh my goodness, Elise makes the BEST thing with coffee.
Andria: She does?
Elise: I do?
Adam: She takes a glass full of ice. Then she takes luke warm coffee and pours it over the ice so it gets real cold. It's AMAZING!
Andria: You mean...iced...coffee?
Elise: Apparently, not only did I invent iced coffee, but I make it better than anyone.

I'm calling Howard Schultz and pitching the idea tomorrow.

-Discovering and becoming obsessed with a new restaurant with Adam. Jujube. Yum.
-Two of my very best friends LT and Jen surprising me by showing up in Durham for my shower.
-The most amazing bridal shower anyone has ever thrown. Thanks Sister. Really, really, thank you.

-Ordering my first dress from BHLDN and it not fitting. Sending it back and ordering a different one. Still no. Guess I'll have to look elsewhere...
-Word hates much of the Global Health terminology. This makes writing papers very irritating. (E.g. Comorbid, Suicidality, Sociocultural). Even as I'm typing them here it's underlining them with an angry red dotted line.
-Gas prices. They go up about a dollar a day.
-It's that time of year when it's warm outside but inside it's too cold to wear anything less than a parka. AC is so frustrating.
-The leak under our sink.
-Finishing my study of Psalms.
-It's bug season. Bugs in our house. Bugs in our faces. Plus two ticks in Adam's leg...
-Saying goodbye to great friends and classmates, who I might not see again.
-Getting close to saying goodbye to Adam for 6+ weeks. :(


-Quotes from the friends and professors:
"This is what I can give your right now because you have destroyed my brain cells." - Jeannie
"The number of ghosts is distributed equally between the two arms." -Daniel, our Epi professor

-There are two types of cleaners: Movers and Go-Arounders. The former moves every object in the room while vacuuming or cleaning, the latter is happy to just vacuum around things. I discovered recently that I am a compulsive mover. First it's just the coffee table, then the kitchen table, but then the couch, and while you're at it you might as well move your dresser and bed because Lord knows the vacuum won't fit under there...By the end of it your back hurts and your vacuum pack is full of yucky, but every square inch of floor is clean. Sometimes I think I should just relax and vacuum the floor that is open, dust what's uncovered. But then I fear those hidden dust bunnies that will infiltrate my dreams as I sleep at night. So I keep right on moving things...

Happy May Day everyone. Here are some flowers.

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