The Latest Decision

I've made a decision. I'm going to try to stick with it. It will require creativity, and occasionally a bit of fearlessness...



(Wow, that sounded like I'm starting a cheer. I am not.)

Several of my favorite bloggies have a weekly post series that they do on the same day each week. I like this. It's consistent. It gives me something to look forward to. It's comfortable to someone who is OCD and likes a plan and a method. Steph does her Must Have Mondays. My friend Linnea does Fifty-two on Friday on her photography website. And Marcy May does Fill in the Blank Friday

So, I've decided that I don't try enough new things. Not because I don't want to. Or because I don't love the rush of doing something I've never done before...or something that no one's ever done before for that matter. Basically it's because the things I always do do take over my life and my time and my brain and...well you get the picture. So, I want to intentionally try doing something each week that is a "First." Well since First starts with "F" and there is only one day of the week that starts with "F" I guess my day of fearless firsts is going to land on Friday. This is good. Occasionally I have free time on Fridays.

Sooo...since Friday is the day and tomorrow is Friday I am going to tell you right now that I am trying something VERY new tomorrow: I am having my first Nepali lesson. Yep, Nepali. As in the language they speak in Nepal. I bet you can guess why....

I am terrible at languages. The only reason Italian worked out for me was because I'm so obsessed with it and desperately love being able to speak to Italians, in Italian, in Italy. 

But Nepali? 
It's frightening. 
Yet, intriguing. 

And it may just come in real useful the first time I find myself in some kind of crazy predicament. This is inevitable when you are the clueless American in a brand new country.

So here is to my first "First Friday" and here is to my "First Nepali lesson."

Maybe y'all can try some Firsts with me and we can all expand our repertoire of "Things we've done so far in life." 



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  1. sounds good, can't wait to hear about it. Ill get a mini Nepali lesson tomorrow, so I will tell you how that goes!


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