Secret Tunnels

I'm sitting outside on campus with two of my friends, Amy and Lauren, waiting for my second class of the day. Which also happens to be my last class of the year. I usually use this period between classes to lock-in, be productive, and try to check things off the never ending checklist of schoolwork.

But this is strange, because I don't have anymore school work. So I'm just sitting here. Wondering what to do during this time. There is a wasp trying to attack me.

I just spent approximately 15 minutes reading an email that one of my best friends Coco sent me updating me on her life in the Airforce. This email has been sitting in my inbox for several days begging me to finish classes so I could take the time to read it and respond.

So I read it.

And now all I can think about is how:

I found this quote the other day and can't stop thinking how true it is. My best friends live all over the place:

And so many other places that aren't Durham, NC.

Sometimes this grieves me. Actually, most times this grieves me.

I NEED these girls in my life. And I miss them terribly.

And I think I've found the solution. So I'm going to start digging. Who wants to help and meet me in the middle?


  1. can you tunnel to me tomorrow mid day?

  2. I'm in! Well, for Virginia - NC. I don't know if I'm up for helping with the NC - Washington tunnel. That may take years....

  3. Well I've been digging since last April and I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere because I seem to be somewhere in Mexico City!



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