"Spot" Criteria

This has got to be short. I'm in the middle of a research paper that MUST get written by the end of this day.

But I need a break and I thought I'd share a tid bit of library insight with you. This is good.

All the students--past and present--who read this will know what I'm saying, but isn't there an ART to finding a perfect library spot? Especially during finals.

A premium spot will encompass all of the following characteristics:

-Quiet, but not silent. It does not require you to be self conscious about how loud you are typing, texting, or drinking water, yet still makes anyone who is talking worthy of receiving stink eye. Eating apples or other crunchy objects is questionable.

-Comfortable chairs that don't lean or roll. But are spacious enough to sit criss-cross applesauce in.

-Large tables where you can spread out your work. Alllll of your work.

-Tables with plugs in the center so you don't have to worry about reaching an outlet in the wall.

-Nearby water fountain.

-Nearby bathroom.

-Nearby stacks so that you can go for little break-walks. Or use them as aisles to cartwheel down to get your blood flowing a bit, and keep from getting stiff.

-Big windows, preferably with lovely trees and flowers outside of them. This way you don't feel completely lame for spending an entire day inside.

-And last, but certainly not least:
Other students,
Fellow survivors, if you will...

All around you at their own respective "spots," to remind you that you aren't alone in your frustration toward long papers and work filled weekends.

I'm loving my spot today. Seeing as how I was the first Duke student in the library this morning, I basically had my pick. And, while I'd rather be running, sleeping, playing, etc., if I have to be working, I might as well be right here!

Signing off now and getting back to it. But I'm curious, what makes a library spot perfect for you?


  1. The big tables over in Perkins, especially when you get one all to yourself.

  2. Fortunately, I don't have to think about the perfect spot.

  3. Definitely a table by the window, big enough to share with a couple of best friends. (A couple of my girlfriends and I often staked out the same table for a week- I'm sure you know how it goes with finals library time and science courses!)
    Good luck Elise!

  4. somewhere where they make lattes!

  5. What's even worse than crunchy food is food that comes in crinkly plastic or paper bags. Drives me crazy!

    I'm curious... what was your favorite UVA spot?

  6. My favorite spot at UVa?...Hmm, if you could get a big table mostly to yourself in the McGreggor room, that was hard to top.

    The Comm school was pretty perfect too!!


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