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I noticed this morning that I have written 99 posts since the inaugural Among the Hills post.

And I wondered something that you might also be wondering:

What on earth have I even SAID in the past 99 posts?

So I did a little investigative work, and I made a word cloud of the top 100 words that I have used on my blog.

(The size of the word corresponds with the number of times I've used it.)

After seeing this, I went back to my first post, the place where I shared what the purpose of this blog was going to be: Somewhere to share things that I am passionate about and things that I am forced to Reason with. This was based on a poem by Kahlil Gibran where he talks about "Resting in reason and moving in you sit Among the Hills."

This word illustration identified my passions fairly accurately:
-People, Family, Adam, Laura, Friends
-Places, Duke, Church
-Beautiful things

And it also portrays the things that I most commonly find myself reasoning through:

Who knows what many directions this blog will take in the future, but I'm thankful to have it.

I'm grateful that people read it and share things with me too.
I'm grateful for how it has taught me to be open, and honest.
I'm grateful for the freedom to talk about people and things I love without hesitation, especially my faith.

So, thanks for doing this with me and joining me on my blogging journey. Whoever you might be.

Here is to 100 blogs behind me, and hopefully 100 more to come.


  1. how did you make the word cloud. I want one.

  2. mine would be like "chips and salsa", "beach", " i hate boys", "weddings".

    a little different than yours:) but that's why we're friends:)

  3. I don't see the word Mamma on that word cloud.:-)

  4. It's because I didn't count the comments...haha.


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