Friday First: Antiquing

Adam and I always talk about how we want to be that couple that seeks out all of their home treasures in antique shops. I'm not saying that those beautiful pieces at Pottery Barn and World Market don't whisper sweet nothings to me every time I'm passing by...they do! I wish I could shut them up sometimes.

But in general, we prefer things that have lived, aged, witnessed some good history. Especially southern history. I love the idea of having things in my home that used to live in someone else's home. That witnessed other families, romances, hardships, parties...they kind of connect you to some other time and place, even to complete strangers. Which just intrigues me. Maybe we'll make up stories for each of our antiques and their previous owners...

But I'm getting ahead of myself because,

Until this week, we hadn't started our antiquing life together. I think being at the farm Easter weekend, and receiving some lovely antiques from my family got us revved up. So this week we went on our first official antiquing adventure. In fact, it was my first real antiquing adventure, ever. And we came away with some treasures.

We met Baaahrbara. A sweet, southern, old lady who was as full of character as the antiques in her shop.

We were told we were as sweet as William and Catherine...

We found a beautiful corner cabinet that I have been dreaming of every night since.

We didn't break anything. (Although we almost broke said corner cabinet)

And we actually came away with our first purchases for our home: A tiny little trunk, some old antique newspapers, and a beautiful lamp. And it was all cheap. Amazing.

So far, I really like this method. I can already tell this is becoming our "thing".

If anyone knows of any hidden gems of antique shops, let us know!

Happy Friday and happy weekend.

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  1. Ditto x a thousand on the items with a history. I feel this way especially about jewelry.


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