Happier Than A Bird With A French Fry

Thanks to my good friend Linnea, I have discovered my love of "pinning." In the past month or two, I have enjoyed collecting, dreaming, laughing, and creating. Want to know more?...visit Pinterest. You'll love it too!

But one of my favorite things about Pinterest is the plethora of lovely, clever, oh-so-true quotes that pop up everywhere. So here are a few of my favorite "pins" to brighten up your Monday.


I really hope this one is true... :)


  1. The website you linked does not work. I want to know what pinning is. Did you make all those little quotes?

  2. wonderful quotes! I like the graphics on the french fry one, too.
    But I'm with Laura: what IS pinterest, exactly?

  3. Laura, I just fixed the link...hopefully it will work now! Pinterest is basically a place to create online "lookbooks". You can pin anything you find online and organize and share it. It's awesome.


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