Neglect--sadly this has been the state of my relationship with the blogging world lately. It has also been the state of communication with my friends--even my closest friends. And frighteningly, it depicts my attitude toward preparations for leaving for Nepal, Thursday.

On each of these accounts, I'm sorry.

Do any of you ever get that intense desire to just live in the moment without worrying about things you're neglecting? This can't be a good trait always. But can it sometimes? The past two weeks I've been traveling around NC and VA with my family. We've spent time in the mountains and at the beach, with Jordans and with Neals, at rehearsal dinners, weddings, afternoon wine tastings, breweries, ice cream and coffee shops, porch swings, rocking chairs, thunderstorms and sunshine. And until yesterday I barely thought about preparing to leave or Nepal for 6.5 weeks. My bags are empty. My apartment is a disaster zone. And yet, in two days I'll be gone, somehow.

I'll be saying farewell to Durham.
To western comforts.
To routines and regularity.
To bearable heat.
To health and a happy feeling tummy.
To constant communication.
To a fiance whom I love and am anxious to marry.

And as I say my farewells I'm not sure what I'll be saying hellos to on the other end.
But there will be hellos--new, unexpected, uncertain, unpredictable, undiscovered hellos.
And In 6.5 weeks, I'll be writing about saying farewells to all of those hellos.

But for now I'm trying to un-neglect all of the latest neglects. Calling friends, packing bags, blogging when I can. So hello friends, I've missed you lately.

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