Playing Along

Recently a friend of mine who writes a lovely blog, posted about "little-knowns"--things that people, even close friends, might not know about her. One of her friends initiated the idea, and she played along. At the end she asked anyone who blogs to play along too.

I told her I just might.
She said please do!
So here it is.

I hope Marcy was right when she said that the quirks of our friends are some of our favorite things to read...

-The fastest way to put me to sleep is by rubbing my feet, or my tummy. I don't know if my parents knew this when I was an infant. I hope they did.

-I remember taking my first steps. Only one person has ever believed me about this--my Godmother.

-I have wanted a King Charles Spaniel since the 2nd grade.

-I hate airplanes and airports. But I love traveling. By boat or by train please.

-When I was little I used to sleep with my butt sticking up in the air. Sometimes, I still do. It's how I got the nickname Mizz Butt from my mom and sister.

-I was over two weeks late and my mom was in labor for almost two days...and it's amazing how much this parallels my personality now: First, I'm stubborn. Second, I love being warm, I hate being cold, and once I'm warm and cozy don't make me budge. Especially in the morning.

-I've always loved math. My dad used to pay me 10 cents a page to do extra math worksheets. But I secretly felt like I was fooling him, because I'd probably have paid him to let me do extra math worksheets.

-I'm tremendously afraid of the dark and being home alone.

-I never carry cash. Ever. So don't ever ask me for a dollar. I'll feel bad.

-My favorite event as a gymnast was the balance beam. This might be because it was my best event, but I think it was also because I loved the rush so much. I used to pretend I was dancing and flipping on a tight rope.

-I used to pick the fuzz out of my toes every night before bed. I couldn't sleep if I didn't. I must have worn very fuzzy socks or something as a child.

-Hymns are probably my favorite songs, and I love to sing them in the shower. One of my roommates second year used to say, "Elise is in the shower singing Jesus songs again..." It made me laugh.

-I make my bed, everyday.

-I have a horrible tendency to compare myself to others. It's something I've wrestled with since middle school.

-I don't mind being dirty. Or sweaty. But I hate being germy. So camping is fantastic but public bathrooms horrify me.

-The first time I learned to sail, I capsized the boat and Adam and I both ended up in the water. I wasn't wearing a life jacket.

-I hate shaving my legs. I do it of course, because how gross if I didn't. But I absolutely detest it.

-I have never had the flu. Once I had a 24-hour bug that was going around, but I've never had the flu.

-I skied my first double black diamond when I was 11.

-I always write in script. I don't really know how to print, and when I try it looks like a Kindergartener.

-I seriously considered going to the Culinary Institute of America out of high school, because I love the culinary arts so much. My dad wouldn't let me. In retrospect, I thank him.

-I summitted the tallest mountain in the continental U.S. the summer after graduating high school, and if I hadn't already believed in God, I am convinced I would have after that experience.

-I love reading Scripture. But one of my favorite things in the world is to hear scripture read. Or sung. Often when I'm reading it, I'll read it aloud to myself because I adore how powerful the Word of God sounds out loud.

So now I've played along. If you have a blog, maybe you will too. :)


  1. I will play along as soon as I eat lunch because fact number one about me is a i get cranky if I miss meals

  2. ah! i don't know how i missed this post. i'm so glad you played along :)

    and i'm SO impressed about your summit. so hardcore.


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