A Project Review...

I like secrets and surprises but sometimes they just go on far too long. Remember back in February when I blogged about A Project Preview...? Well I'm finally ready to reveal what it was.

If you remember it involved things like:
-Large pieces of wood.
-A salesman who was doing "extraordinarily well, thank you."
-"Our first...ceiling fan?"
-Cramming lumber into Cameron.
-Splinters in our rumps and feet.
-Paint on our faces, fingers, and floors. Also on Adam's new wool socks.
-Discovering our artistic sides.
-Disney Colors.
-Gooey Paper.
-Power Fingers.
-Dinner on the floor.
-Tea all over the couch.
-Quality time creating something beautiful for our wedding.

And, if after all those clues we gave you in February, you still had no clue what it was. Now you will. Here is the project in review...

Trusty Cameron was a good sport from the Home Depot on...even when we shoved large pieces of lumber into all of his nooks and crannies.

But these stencils didn't know what they had coming.

The moment of truth was painting the first number.

This was a science. Correct measuring and spacing of the days could not be compromised.

The stencils got really goopey.

The paint brush got really messy.

So did my face.

But everybody kept good attitudes and together as a team we got that thing finished...

Then it was back in Cameron for a ride up to Virginia for the engagement photos.

Careful assembly was required.

And power tools of course.

And then our calendar was ready for its photo shoot.

Success! Our Save-the-Date pictures are complete.

And thanks to His and Hers Press, so are our Save-the-Dates!

Special Thanks to:

Adam Nelson
Home Depot, and staff
Disney Paint
Those paint trays we didn't really need

October 29th
Jeannie Adler for not caring that we took over the apartment with our mess for a weekend
Trader Joe's for making such good bolognese that we could zap and eat on the floor mid-project
Ashley and Brandon's basement where the calendar is now living


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